Select Home Warranty vs American Home Shield

select home warranty vs American home shield

Select Home Warranty vs American Home Shield

Let’s do a Select Home Warranty vs American Home Shield head to head comparison. Hopefully this will help you make your home warranty choice.

Here’s a quick comparative table and a fully detailed description below.

Select Home Warranty

American Home Shield


  • Systems Plan

  • Appliances Plan

  • Combo Plan (systems + appliances)

  • Build Your Own Plan

  • Bronze (6 systems)

  • Gold (8 appliances)

  • Platinum (bronze + gold + garage + plumbing)


Cost vary per plan. They are considered more affordable than competition.

Cost vary per plan. They are considered more expensive than competition.


Founded in 1971, has over 15000 service technicians.

All technicians and contractors are licensed. Can send service worker within 2 business days.


Select Home Warranty and American Home Shield are national home warranty companies that provide services to every state in the United States except Alaska.

While American Home Shield offers more coverage, Select Home Warranty on the other hand offers cheaper and more optional coverage.

Let us take a step further and discuss both companies in detail.

How Does American Home Shield Work?

American Home Shield offers a 12-month contract. You can choose between four plans:

  • Systems Plan,
  • Appliances Plan,
  • Combo Plan,
  • and Build Your Own Plan.

Then, you proceed with selecting the coverage plan and determine the service you will need to pay for.

After paying the first month’s premium, you will be able to use the warranty after 30 days.

How Does Select Home Warranty Work?

With Select Home Warranty, before choosing a home warranty you get to ask for a Free Home warranty quote.

Once you have made up your mind to choose Select Home Warranty, then you get to choose between the different plans offered.

Furthermore, you will also need to consider additional coverage. 

After selecting and paying for the warranty, you will have to wait 30 days before you can use it.

If you feel there are any issues, you can contact the company and they will send a contractor down to solve your queries. 

Select Home Warranty vs American Home Shield – Coverage

AHS Coverage

American Home Shield offers three plans:

  • Systems,
  • Appliances,
  • and Combo Plans.

The Systems Plans covers 11 major systems, while the Appliances Plan covers 10 essential home appliances.

Finally, the Combo Plan covers all the 21 items found in home and both the plans. 

Select Home Warranty Coverage

Select Home Warranty provides three coverage plans:

  • Bronze,
  • Gold,
  • and Platinum.

The Bronze Care covers six home systems, while Gold Care covers eight home appliances.

Finally, Platinum Care covers everything covered by the Bronze and Gold Care plans in addition to garage door openers and plumbing stoppages.

Select Home Warranty vs American Home Shield – Cost Battle

American Home Shield Cost

As compared to Select Home Warranty premiums, the American Home Shield Premiums cost more.

However, Select Home Warranty offers a lower service call.

Furthermore, the service fee you select with American Home Shield affects your monthly premium costs as well.

As a result, the higher the service fee you are to select, the lower will be the monthly premium.

What Makes AHS Stand Out?

American Home Shield is a huge contractor that was founded in 1971 and serves customers through its 15,000 service technicians.

Furthermore, it covers all the states except Alaska.

What Makes SHW Stand Out?

Select Home Warranty uses only licensed and qualified contractors. Moreover, it sends you a contractor within 2 days if the claim is made during business days.

Furthermore, the coverage offered is cheaper as compared to American Home Shield as well. 

Final WordSelect Home Warranty vs American Home Shield

This brings us to the conclusion of the Select Home Warranty vs American Home Shield battle.

Both Select Home Warranty and American Home Shield are some of the best home warranty companies in the industry.

If you wish to have customizable coverage plans with a flexible service fee, you are suggested to choose American Home Shield.

However, if you desire affordable plans then we suggest opting for Select Home Warranty.