Best Home Warranty Companies in Texas

best home warranty companies in texas

Best Home Warranty Companies in Texas

Best Home Warranty Companies in Texas: let’s compare the best companies in Texas.

Here’s a quick comparison table and a fully detailed description for each home warranty company below.

Best Home Warranty Companies in Texas

Homeowners have to be ready for anything. Luckily, investing in a home warranty can help you protect the system and appliances you use on daily basis, and increase your home’s value. Indeed, purchasing a home warranty can save your time, money, effort, and research. Furthermore, in Texas, where weather conditions are extreme (humidity, heat, and hurricanes), your ground-level appliances, and HVAC system are constantly threatened.

However, you can find the most attractive home warranty plan for your Texas home with this detailed overview of the best home warranty companies in Texas.

Let’s begin.

  1. American Home Shield (AHS): Best Overall
  2. Choice Home Warranty: Best service for Older Homes
  3. First American Home Warranty: Best Value
  4. Select Home Warranty: Best for Budget Shoppers
  5. America’s 1st Choice (AFC) Home Club: Best for Customization Flexible Plan Options

1) American Home Shield (Best Overall in Texas)

Founded in 1971, American Home Shield is the top name in the industry. It protects either appliances or systems, or both across three plans. When everyday use ends up breaking appliances, AHS’s coverage handles the costs of removals, repairs, and parts replacements. AHS has paid almost 2 billion dollars in service claims over the last 50 years, making it the top dog of home warranties in Texas. It definitely tops the list of the Best Home Warranty Companies in Texas.


  • Long-running reputation and history
  • Covers disposal and removal of depreciated and broken down appliances
  • Additional discounts for brand-name appliances
  • Allows customized plans
  • Doesn’t require a home inspection
  • 24/7 customer service


  • Fees for claims can be above $100
  • 60 days workmanship guarantees – comparatively short
  • Making repairs yourself can cancel coverage

American Home Shield Plans

AHS offers three options which are the System Plan, Appliance Plan, and the Combo Plan.

The Systems Plan protects ten home systems, including electrical and plumbing.

The Appliance Plan covers eleven appliances, including the important ones such as the refrigerator, dishwasher, washer and dryer.

As its name implies, the combo plan is a combination the above plans, and therefore covers both systems and appliances.

Moreover, customized options exist for your pool, spa, septic pump, and guests’ homes up to 750 sq. ft.

Covered Appliances and System

Appliances Plan
Items Covered
Systems Plan
Items Covered
RefrigeratorsAir conditioning and ductwork
Built-in microwaves  Plumbing and plumbing stoppages
Trash compactorsElectrical
Ranges/Ovens/CooktopsCold water dispensers/Instant hot
DishwashersHeating system and ductwork
Free-standing ice makersWater heaters
Clothes dryerSmoke detectors
Built-in food centersCentral vacuums
Clothes washerGarbage disposals
Garage door openersCeiling fans

American Home Shield Costs

Since the plans are deeply customized, their prices indeed vary depending on the selection. That being said, on one hand, plans cost on average between 20$ and 65$, according to a company’s representative we approached. On the other hand, service fees vary from 78$ to 125$.

American Home Shield Claims Process

American Home Shield offers 24/7 customer service. Indeed, you can choose between making an online request or calling AHS directly. And 98% of the time, AHS contacts professionals to respond to service requests within a one day period.

2) Choice Home Warranty (Best Service for Older Homes)

Although CHW offers low service fees, it also offers a highly comprehensive coverage. Furthermore, Choice Home Warranty doesn’t discriminate based on age. Indeed, it will not deny any coverage based on the system’s or appliance’s age. Therefore, this makes CHW an excellent option for older homes in Texas. Also, Choice Home Warranty offers two plans which both offer lighting fast service. It is thus clearly a reliable option and one of the Best Home Warranty Companies in Texas. This is indeed especially true for older homes.


  • Offers low cost and affordable plans
  • Home inspections are not required
  • Comfortable and straightforward cancellation process
  • Failed or incomplete repairs: Free service
  • Complimentary first month when you sign up for a single payment warranty plan
  • Customer service is available 24/7


  • Not many customization options
  • Can’t select your service provider

Choice Home Warranty Plans

Basic PlanTotal Plan
Heating, electrical, and plumbingAir conditioning, heating, electrical, and plumbing
Ceiling and exhaust fansExhaust fans and Ceiling
Plumbing stoppagesPlumbing stoppages
Water heaterWater heater 
Garage door opener                                     Garage door opener
Whirlpool bathtubWhirlpool bathtub
Clothes washer
Clothes dryer

Choice Home Warranty Costs – Best Home Warranty Companies in Texas

From what the company has hold us, the average price per month varies from 29$ to 42$. This cost doesn’t include the 85$ service fee.

Choice Home Warranty Optional Add-Ons

CHW has optional add-ons for septic system coverage, roof leaks, well pumps, septic tank pumping, second refrigerators, central vacuum, spas, pools, and second refrigerators.

Choice Home Warranty Claims Process

Choice Home Warranty provides 24/7 customer service. As a result, you can easily submit a service request by sending an online message or by giving CHW a call. Additionally, by connecting to your online account, you can also use CHW’S Message Center to get updates on current request. As a result, once a request has been received, Choice Home Warranty will book a service provider within 48 hours on regular business days. However, should you request on a weekend or a holiday, it will take up to four days to book a service professional.

3) First American Home Warranty (Comprehensive Claim Coverage)

Although First American Home Warranty has made a name for itself with its highly-inclusive plans, it also offers optional first-class upgrade coverage. The company’s coverage is indeed so deep it also protects badly installed, modified, or maintained systems and appliances. As a result, FAHW is one of the Best Home Warranty Companies in Texas.


  • In business for 35 years
  • BBB accreditation
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Covers badly maintained or not properly installed appliances
  • Doesn’t have coverage cap for heating, cooling, or ductwork


  • 30-day service guarantee
  • Not many customization options

First American Home Warranty Plans

In total, First American Home Warranty offers 4 plans. Indeed, it offers two plans for buyers and one for sellers. Furthermore, an optional first-class upgrade plan is available.

Sellers can subscribe to the FAHW’s basic plan. Accordingly, it includes standard coverage such as plumbing, garbage disposal, electrical, heating, ductwork, and central air.

On that account, the basic plan for buyers also protects everything the seller’s plan does. Therefore dishwashers and garage door openers are covered. However heating, ductwork, and central air are not optional.

Should the buyer require more coverage, the Eagle Premier plan is the right choice. Indeed, it offers the same protection as the basic plans, although it also protects washer, dryer and refrigerators.

First American Home Warranty Costs

As a result of contacting the company, a sales rep told us the prices vary from $28 to $50 per month. This indeed places FAHW as one the most affordable home warranty companies in Texas. That being said, service fees vary from $75 to $100.

First American Home Warranty Claims Process – Best Home Warranty Companies in Texas

24/7 customer service is available with First American Home Warranty. Furthermore, customers can call or submit an online service request. Although the monthly plans’ cost is low, claims come with a fee ranging from 75 to 100$. However, the company is very flexible. Indeed, if no contractors are available, customers can book an independent service provider.

4) Select Home Warranty (Best for Budget Shoppers)

Select Home Warranty has three plans: gold, bronze, and platinum. While the Gold Plan covers systems, the Bronze does so for appliances. Additionally, the Platinum plan and covers both appliances and systems. As a result, Select Home Warranty customers say the pricing, discounts, and customer service are why they continue to use the company’s warranty services. Consequently, Select Home Warranty is one of the Best Home Warranty Companies in Texas.

Indeed, these plans offer unique coverage and vital add-ins that other home warranty companies don’t. Furthermore, the services come with amazing discounts.


  • Discount for paying upfront
  • Option to select appliances or system
  • Low coverage costs for add-ons like lawn sprinklers or pumps
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Complimentary rook leak coverage


  • If you cancel after the first month: 75$ cancellation fee
  • Claims MUST be reported within three days

Select Home Warranty Plans – Best Home Warranty Companies in Texas

The Bronze Care plan indeed insures appliances like washers, dryers, stoves, and dishwashers. However, The Gold Care plan covers your home systems, such as your HVAC system. Finally, the Platinum Care plan combines everything the Bronze and Gold packages offer. However, it does so with additional coverage such as plumbing interruptions.

That being said, Select Home Warranty has a major advantage. Indeed, it includes free roof protection with all its plans. You can also add various additional coverage features like a septic system, sump pumps, spa, and pool.

Select Home Warranty Costs – Best Home Warranty Companies in Texas

Based on a SHW employee we contacted, coverage plans vary from 36$ to 42$ per month. Additionally and on top of the monthly cost, service fees cost $75. Thus, Select Home Warranty is one of the least expensive Home Warranty Companies.

Select Home Warranty Optional Add-ons

To cover your sprinkler system, roof leaks, pool and spas, and central vacuum, Select Home Warranty offers optional add-ons.

Also, it offers the option to cover sump pumps, septic system, well pumps, and stand-alone freezers. As a result, with their Add-Ons, SHW can cover almost everything in your home.

Select Home Warranty Claims process

You can submit a service request at anytime online site or by telephone. Indeed, their customer service is available 24/7. That being said, if you call on a weekend or a holiday, a service provider will handle your request within two to four days.   

5) America’s First Choice Home Club (AFC): Most Flexible

AFC offers four different plans, which include lots of customization options to make your own plan. Because of that, it is considered one of the Best Home Warranty Companies in Texas.


  • Many customization options with four plans
  • For the life of the plan, repairs are guaranteed
  • You can select your own contractors
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Exclusive features


  • Service fees up to 125$ – Higher than others.
  • Claims have to be submitted in one day.

America’s First Choice Home Club Plans – Best Home Warranty Companies in Texas

Silver Plan

The Silver Plan only covers appliances. Therefore, it doesn’t cover any systems, and it does not cover ice makers or microwaves.

Platinum plan

The Platinum Plan covers appliances, systems, plumbing and faucets. So, in detail, it offers coverage for air conditioning, electrical, plumbing, and heating. It also covers plumbing stoppages, ductwork, water heater, clothes washer, clothes dryer, ice maker, kitchen refrigerator, built-in microwave, range, oven, dishwasher, cooktop, garage door opener, and garage disposal.

Gold Plan

In comparison with the Platinum plan, this coverage saves the same appliances and system in the platinum plan. However, it doesn’t include plumbing stoppage, built-in ice makers microwaves.

System Plan

Although the system plan covers all systems under the platinum plan, it doesn’t include plumbing stoppages.

America’s First Choice home club Cost

According to a company’s representative the plans range from $43 to $59. Where as the service fees ranges from $75 to $125.

America’s First Choice Home Club Pricing

Plan Name Plan Cost Service Call Fee

AFC Home Club Process

Although American First Choice Home Club offers 24/7 customer service online and by phone, customers only have one day to make claims. The company will then contact a professional within two to four days. However, this depends on wether you call during a regular business day. But if there’s an upside. Indeed, the company allows you to select your contractor. Thus, AFC lets you call up that trusted handyman you like. In conclusion, make your claims fast, and work with someone you know.

Frequently Asked Question about Best Home Warranties in Texas

Q. Are home warranty plans worth it?

A. If you can put a price on peace of mind, this would be it. Indeed, you will save a lot of money by not having to repair broken system and appliances yourself over and over again. A Home warranty gives you coverage. Therefore, there is no need to worry about anything for a low price per month.

Q. Do home warranty plans replace and cover old HVAC systems?

A. This indeed depends on the plan you select. Hence, be sure to read your coverage in details if you want to cover HVAC. Furthermore, it’s much cheaper to repair and HVAC system when you have a home warranty. Finally, a few components can be replaced for free. However, some restrictions and exclusions may apply.

Q. Do Home Warranty Plans Cover Pre-existing Conditions?

A. Indeed, home warranty plans do not cover pre-existing conditions. Therefore, none of the plans detailed here do, and the majority of home warranty companies do not either.

Best Home Warranty Companies in Texas – Conclusions

A Home Warranty offers peace of mind on the everyday items. it Indeed covers in-home systems and appliances that fail due to wear to tear. Therefore, we believe a Texas home warranty is an excellent investment for those who need financial protection. Especially, when the unexpected happens. Finally, you should now be able to choose one of the Best Home Warranty Companies in Texas.

Whether you are a first time purchaser or are a seasoned homeowner, we highly recommend getting quotes from all Texas home warranties listed in this review. You can thus compare service contracts and pricing. But your can also find the best plan for your budget.