American Home Shield vs Choice Home Warranty

American Home Shield vs Choice Home Warranty

American Home Shield vs Choice Home Warranty

Let’s do a quick American Home Shield vs Choice Home Warranty. Here’s a quick comparative table and a fully detailed comparison below it.

American Home Shield

Choice Home Warranty


  • Bronze (6 systems)

  • Gold (8 appliances)

  • Platinum (bronze + gold + garage + plumbing)

  • Basic (Electrical)

  • Total (Electrical + HVAC)

  • Optional (pool, sceptic tank, etc.)


Cost vary per plan. They are considered more expensive than competition.

Cost vary per plan.
They are considered far less expensive than competition.


Founded in 1971, has over 15000 service technicians.
Covers 50 states.

Founded in 2008, it already has over 15000 service technicians.
All states except Washington, California, and Oklahoma


American Home Shield and Choice Home Warranty are two home warranty giants that are well-known for their reputable services.

Introduced in 1971, AHS is the oldest home service contract company in the United States.

CHW on the other hand was started in 2008 and serves every state except Washington, California, and Oklahoma.

With each featuring its pros and cons, choosing between the two can be difficult.

Choice Home Warranty

To begin with, CHW offers service repairs guaranteed for 30 days.

Furthermore, it has a network of 15,000 service technicians and handles complaints comparatively different from other companies.

It assigns around 2 to 3 customer representatives to serve each customer. These representatives help the customer from start to finish.

Moreover, CHW offers a first free month, if you were to purchase their annual-payment home warranty plan.

American Home Shield Warranty

AHS serves 50 states with the help of 15,000 technicians. Its parent company is Frontdoor, which happens to be a national home service provider.

Since its foundation, AHS states that it has served 65 million service requests.

It provides the customers the opportunity to customize their coverage, or they can select one of the standard plans offered by the company.

Plumbing Service ContractsAmerican Home Shield vs Choice Home Warranty

When it comes to plumbing service contracts, CHW covers plumbing including stoppages.

However, if you wish to cover well pumps, septic tanks, and sump pumps, you will need to buy the additional coverage.

Meanwhile, AHS also covers plumbing systems including stoppages. Just like CHW, the company covers breaks and leaks in gas, drain water, and waste.

In addition to that, it also covers, faucets, toilets, and shower-heads, etc. 

Electrical Services Contract

For its Basic and Total plans, CHW offers electrical system coverage.

The Electrical system coverage includes “All parts and components, including built-in bathroom exhaust fans”.

However, there are some exceptions such as smoke detectors, fixtures, and intercoms, etc. 

AHS also provides electrical system coverage in its combo plan, Systems Plan and Build-Your-Own Plan.

It will replace and repair all electrical systems and parts such as lighting fixtures, direct current wiring, and built-in-exhaust, etc.

Although CHW does not offer coverage for those items, AHS’s electrical system coverage also does not include video, audio, alarm wiring, intercom, and telephone wiring, etc. 

HVAC Services Contract

CHW covers heating, air conditioning, and ductwork in both of its plans with of course some exceptions.

Moreover, AHS also covers HVAC services in its Combo, Systems, and Build-Your-Own plans.

The same goes for heating as well.

Final WordAmerican Home Shield vs Choice Home Warranty

When it comes to choosing between American Home Shield and Choice Home Warranty, you need to consider the coverage plans and exclusions.

Define your needs and choose the type of coverage plan you would like to have.

Then, compare the two companies and see, which suits you the best.